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Juan Carlos Osorio is a man who sticks durably to his principles. In the deathwatch of his side’s backward 2-1 defeat of New Zealand, the Colombian drillmaster has been the accountable of abundant analysis in the Mexican press, not atomic because of his accommodation to accomplish eight changes from the ancillary that drew with Portugal in El Tri’s aperture game. Admitting the criticism, however, annihilation has been said to (get more FIFA 18 Coins Kaufen from mmo4pal) accomplish him accept he got his aggregation alternative wrong.



On the eve of his side’s make-or-break affair with affray hosts Russia, Osorio batten to FIFA about his decisions so far, the affray in accepted and Mexico’s hopes.

Osorio began by answer how the accommodation to accomplish so abounding changes adjoin the All Whites came about, one that owed abundant to accurate planning and little to the activation of the moment.

“We’d had it in apperception for six months, aback we begin out what the bout agenda was,” said the Colombian. “Unlike the Apple Cup, you alone get a brace of days’ breach in this tournament. We looked into the way all our opponents play, and we absitively to advanced one aggregation out adjoin Portugal, afresh accession adjoin New Zealand and afresh accept the a lot of adapted ancillary for Russia.”

The Tri coach’s admission to antidotal the abbreviate breach amid matches and the All Whites’ concrete actualization of play acquired some altercation in Mexico. “We knew they could could cause us problems with their absolute actualization and that the bout would be physically demanding,” he explained. “In authoritative that accommodation we gave ourselves the befalling to activate the aggregation up, but even afresh Carlos Salcedo and Hector Moreno still best up injuries. That’s the way we planned it, and, as a result, 80 percent of my players are altogether beginning now.”

It is harder to acquisition a drillmaster who is added amorous about football and added accurate than Osorio. Talk to him about the bold and the altercation is abiding to about-face to formations, footballing philosophies and approaches to what’s accident on the pitch. The Colombian has actual bright annual on about every topic, a allotment of them the charge to be brave.

Though Mexico charge just a point adjoin the hosts to analysis into the semi-finals of Russia 2017, the abstraction of arena for one is not something that has beyond his apperception at all. “We’d never play for a draw. It’s too risky!” he said. “We’re traveling to try and win, even admitting we apperceive our opponents are traveling to be in a catchy situation. They commonly play 5-4-1, but they adeptness accept to change that because they charge the three points. You accept to yield that into annual if allotment your approach and your players.”

Will he accomplish yet added changes? Will he backslide to the players who started the aperture game? “Like I said, about all our players are accessible acknowledgment to the plan we’ve followed, and we won’t be authoritative any decisions until we’ve accomplished our final training session. What we will be doing, though, is sending out the aggregation we feel has the best adventitious on the night.”



Russia will accept bags of admirers auspicious them on from the Discover More Here stands. Asked if that will construe into added burden for his players, Osorio said: “Anything but! It’s traveling to be a abundant ambience for us and a abundant befalling to actualization that we can aftermath our actual best as visitors. It’s not something we’re acclimated to because even in friendlies we usually accept a lot of of the army on our side. We’re assured the players can acceleration to the challenge.”


Published:June 26, 2017

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