1000 RuneScape Players Attempted to Outlast Each Other Against Some sort of Zombie Horde

The end of the Dimension of the Swear word[a]: blasted; bloody event took place over the end of the week, as 1000 of the top scoring players are vied to be the last RuneScape métamorphose standing against the zombie horde.

A competitive mode intended for RuneScape, competitors start inside city of Falador, which provides risk free for them to purchase supplies. From the finale, each player commences with mithril tools, 5k bottle corks, and stell armour, and are sent out to hold on to against the horde.


While the method is PvM, or Person vs . Monster, players will still be competing for a high credit score and for one of the pieces of equipment in which drop from supply a stash of.

The winner, Lexa, received themselves 200 million platinum, a lifetime RuneScape membership, an exceptional title and a real-life tonto award.

The competition is over, you could watch it from the beginning throughout the RuneScape channel’s Twitch microfilm.

Jagex has acknowledged there are some issues with the game method that players brought up about social media. All 1000 people will be receiving the special puppy for the event, regardless of their very own finish. The pet was formerly to be awarded only to the best 50.

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Published:November 23, 2017


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