2015 World Cup Portugal 2 To at least one Ghana Still Broke Out C Lo Injured


2015 Brazil World Cup Group G riding, Portugal beat Ghana National Stadium in Brasilia 2 to a single, but since the goal difference is lower than the us from regret. The primary 57 minutes, Gian equalizer. The first 80 minutes, C Luo Portugal scored the winning goal. Although Portugal beat Ghana, but still out on account of inferior goal difference Unfortunately, C Lo scored six consecutive sessions on the contest, nevertheless reluctantly bid farewell anywhere int he planet Cup. Ghana group stages three consecutive dreams shattered, Gian 11th World Cup scored the first six goals, tying the African player appearance record, smashing the African players scoring record  mmo4pal.

The starting field of Portugal has four movements, lifting the back of Pepe and Edel, Amorim, William – Carvalho appeared together. Ghana starting just two changes, to become replaced Voorhees and Badu was dismissed Boateng and Muntari. The first five minutes on the game, C Luo Fairy stunt staged a move, he observed how the decisive choice goalkeeper station front small-angle shot, the ball hit the crossbar draw wonderful arc, Portugal nearly gain about the right. The first 12 minutes, Portugal free kick opportunity, C Luo Gongmen Daouda main point here.

Beginning of the game, Portugal fully occupy the offensive initiative. The 1st 19 minutes, Joao – Pereira for the right pass, C Luo Qiangdian header, the ball was Daouda brave saved. A second later, Ghana also received an excellent opportunity, but Gyan’s header was saved by Beto. Either side begun to increase the tempo down the middle of the very first half, on all words wonderful intense. The primary 31 minutes, Veloso pass inside the left Portugal a single-0 lead Ghana lucky.

The very first 32 minutes, C Luo closed front shot was saved by Daouda. Two minutes later, Amorim shot very threatening, but unfortunately hit the inside in the net. Towards the end in the half, Portugal single-0 lead over Ghana. Easy side battles, Ghana to strengthen the attack. The initial 51 minutes, Gian long shots hit the medial side on the net. The 1st 57 minutes of the game, Asamoah left breakthrough started in, nodded the ball from the center after Gian bomb network, Ghana to tie it at one to one level. The 1st 61 minutes, almost Ghana gain another victory, Gian biography, Voorhees’s header just wide. The initial 66 minutes, Ate Su long shots off the post.

After being equalized, Portugal is very impatient, offensive mistakes also more than doubled. The primary 77 minutes, Badu’s long-range hit fly  Fifa 15 Coins. The primary 80 minutes, Nani cross from your left, Ghana defender headed the rescue mistakes, hitting goalkeeper Daouda siege not far, C Luo Zhong volley hit underneath right corner of the penalty area, Portugal 2 to a single lead Ghana. A moment later, C Ronaldo missed a great opportunity, his shot was saved by Daouda. Portugal prior to whistle was replaced injured goalkeeper Beto, Beto tears on the bench. The very first 91 minutes, Nani cross in the right front of outflanking the guts point C Lo slightly in the bar. A minute later C Lo single opportunity, but his shot was again saved by Daouda. Final 2 to 1 victory over Ghana, Portugal, the two teams communicate out.


Published:November 10, 2014

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