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Gamers could soon be reaping the main advantages of Romelu Lukaku’s move to help Manchester United, according to FIFA Coins experts.

The Belgian may have struggled in his Red Devils’ debut against LA Galaxy on the weekend, but it could be described as a very different story in FIFA 18 Coins and FIFA 18 Comfort Trade.

According to Playerhot, his move to Usa gives him a environmentally friendly link with central midfielder John Pogba.



He’ll also have excellent chemistry with Marouane Fellaini, which will add a lot more physicality up the heart.

While pairing Lukaku and Fellaini seems like a strange combination, expect to see it lots come FIFA 18 because of this very reason.

Here’s the best aspect.
Lukaku will likely be affordable, that’s if his FIFA 18 base card is anything to go by.

He currently goes between 9, 000 coins on equally Xbox One and PS4, Futbin data reveals.

For that you acquire 82 pace, 82 shooting and 74 dribbling – even though we’d expect all to find out slight increases come FIFA 18.

According to Futbin, if Ones to Watch returns in the same form as last season then Lukaku would be top of many people’s wish lists.

They write: “His goal scoring prowess along with a deeper and more talented roster around your pet should land him on a lot of EA TOTWs, just like he would last season for Everton. ”

Playerhot write: “Lukaku’s 84-rated base cards in FUT 18 got 82 pace, and even after his unbelievable 2016/17 campaign, it’s hard to that is amazing we’ll see a major bump in his tempo in FUT 18. ”

We mocked up exactly how Lukaku’s card could search next fut 18 dollars season.

While there’s no substantial increase, we’d expect to see small boosts in pace and physicality.

Finishing will see the greatest bump – that’s if he manages to remain his form from Everton.

So, how much will game tittle actually cost?

FIFA 18 Coins will price tag around £49. 99 – but presented the demand, some outlets may undercut this specific.

We expect the cheapest the overall game will go for at launch for being around £45.

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Published:July 24, 2017

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