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Neymar’s ankle amongst people against Atletico Madrid played opponents bruising. Harvey returned to training venues, but isn’t likely to send back within the King’s Cup match.

Neymar ankle can be a low chance of Atletico Madrid kick Harvey Green King’s Cup Tuesday, after the Barcelona first team to stay tactics pertaining to the rest of the day, successfully navigating Thursday (Beijing time on Friday 16 January 5:00) away against Elche 1/8 King’s Cup playoff second leg.

Before training begins, Neymar found the club alone Infirmary, received its own examination. Atletico Madrid defeated Barcelona amongst players, was additional player Neymar ankle playing multiple bruising. After examination, the physician recommended that Neymar does not engage in joint training team. Subsequently, the Brazilian national team captain has become training alone. Gleam separate training Harvey – Hernandez. Barcelona captain in the soleus muscle discomfort a week ago and missed Sunday’s  Cheap Wow Gold  game against Atletico Madrid. Tuesday, Harvey recovery site training alone to finish those activities.

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B team players Munir and Harry attended the Norwich varsity workout, while Weiermalun continue rehabilitation.

On Thursday, Barcelona will arrange the final training session before the game. After training, other sellers are going to be announced Enrique list. Barcelona 5-0 first leg victory over Elche, second leg match Barcelona qualify the matter is very useful, to ensure the lower the probability  utoretr87 of Harvey comeback.


Published:January 16, 2015

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