FIFA 15 Seemed Like A true Improvement


FIFA 15 gave the look of an actual improvement in the previous titles, and yes it was the initial FIFA game I got myself in a very long time. It was ultimately year’s EGX where Initially when i first played it, and saw some wonderful graphics, slick gameplay and impressive physics.

I wasn’t a huge fan of football, the good news is I’m getting hired, all because of the conduit that’s   FIFA 15 Coins. On next-gen machines at least, really took things up a notch, and felt more reactive and just like a real football game than previously, but kept that competitive flair and fun, condensed match play to create a brilliant multiplayer game.

FIFA 15 on PC should have parity while using Xbox One/PS4 versions this season, EA Sports has confirmed. In a “PC features” post with the EA Sports site, they states that “The PC version includes all the same core features arriving at the PS4 and Xbox One versions from the game” and says it’ll operate on the Ignite Engine.

Recently’s FIFA 15 on PC was the older 360/PS3 version of the game, for reasons that never really made a whole lot of sense. This announcement is positive news for PC FIFA players.


Published:December 18, 2014

FIFA 15 Coins

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