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For decades, the gamers are arguing about which soccer game is best. Actually, that will depend of each one gamer’s play style. However, FIFA 15 is an excellent game that got released on September 25, 2014. Needless to say, we’re fairly certain that you’ve got waited that date like Christmas, so that you can participate in it on your new bought console, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Now you’ve finally reached it, you’re wondering if the game looks better in your Xbox One or your friend’s PlayStation 4. Regardless of the better GPU capabilities that the PlayStation 4 is included with, it seems that Xbox The first is competent to bring more vibrant colors. This is a video comparison involving the two consoles running FIFA 15.

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Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that EA SPORTS FIFA 15 comes in retail stores now throughout The usa, so that as a digital download on Origin?. The action releases worldwide in a few days. More 5.5 million* fans worldwide – one of the most ever for an EA SPORTS game – have literally FIFA 15 demo on a single or even more from the following platforms: PC, Xbox One all-in-one xbox from Microsoft and  Fifa coins  Xbox 360 game console, or PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 computer entertainment systems.

It’s good to learn that FIFA 15 was the top seller in UK. It would appear that no game surely could beat mafia wars when it comes to sales. However, when you are all aware, soccer is an extremely popular game in UK, making sure that is smart. Until recently, EA Games has sold over 2.63 billion FIFA 15 games and on second place they’ve Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with only 1.83 billion games sold. Apparently the soccer game gets a growing number of fans latel,y and this will put a bigger pressure around the developers for  geggregh012 the upcoming FIFA 16.


Published:February 11, 2015

Fifa coins

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