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Even though the series took the leap to next generation consoles back in November, EA Sports made a decision to release 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil only reserved for the Ps3 and Xbox 360 system. The reasoning behind this decision was that the countries where the bingo may have the largest impact, such as Brazil, have a low adoption rate on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One thus far, and thus, they didn’t wish. However, this is pretty disappointing for all of us which may have next generation consoles and possess had the opportunity experiencing FIFA 14 for doing things on either system. While the graphics continue to be quality which you expect in the FIFA series, it’s pretty jarring revisit them following phenomenal graphics we ’ve already seen on next generation systems.

fifa coins

fifa coins


They lack the sheer range which is available from fifa 15 coins , even so the campaigns themselves aren’t diminished by losing the granular simulation of global football  Fifa Coins  at each level. If there’s any drawback, it’s which the game is a bit more forbidding to new players. FIFA‘s always excellent skill games useful for training take presctiption hand, plus the game does invite someone to play them before you start of one’s first matches that can help set the AI difficulty or control scheme. Sadly, it will not do anything so elegant as dropping you directly into a match amongst stars like Lionel Messi as fifa 15 coins does when you first  utoretr87 switch it on.



Published:January 28, 2015

Fifa coins

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