Fossil Island brings paleontology to Old School Runescape

Old-school Runescape is getting a new revise that will take it even further in the past with Fossil Tropical island. The new locale will element plenty of primordial adventure, putting a far-off location on the game that’s been teased for ages.

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The new content is designed to delightful players of all levels, along with Fossil Island will have spots to roam underground, upside down, and even in volcanoes. You’ll get fossils to send back to typically the newly-expanded museum in Varrock, and occasionally run afoul involving some living bones with the help of skeletal Wyverns, just one of the brand-new draconic enemies.

“Fossil Tropical island has been something of a fable in Runescape and the group for a long time, ” says Mathew Kemp, senior product director for Old School Runescape. “The first design documents were being drafted more than a decade ago, and we were really pleased the School Runescape community selected as so overwhelmingly and reinforced its development and relieve into the game. ”

Old-school Runescape launched in 2013, bringing back an old branch of typically the venerable MMO from 2008 for players who like their online gaming throughout retro flavor. New addendums to this version of the sport are voted on with the community, and I reckon is considered never a good idea to bet contrary to the love of prehistoric skeletons. Both Old School and mainline versions of Runescape have track to have new mobile phone versions soon.

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Published:September 8, 2017


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