Issues that Drive Us Crazy In FIFA 15


We love FIFA 15 but EA’s supreme soccer simulation isn’t perfect
Make no mistake, FIFA 15 is the foremost soccer game available, bringing decades of expertise together to produce probably the most entertaining and downright addictive sports titles money can obtain. We adore it. However, no game is entirely perfect necessities such as foibles that drive us in the wall whenever we’re playing  Cheap FIFA 15 Coins.

Headers are far too effective
Headed goals look amazing, especially when they are presented at a pinpoint cross dispatched from your winger, who have taken the ball the length of the pitch and skilfully kept rival players from exploding. However, they are a little too potent in FIFA 15 provided that the striker is tall enough, it’s almost specific that a well-placed cross is going to find his head and result in the ball hitting the back in the net.

It’s too simple to gain and lose the ball
Cast your thoughts to older editions of FIFA, once the ball would stick to each player’s feet like glue. This was ideal for when you wished to concentrate on skllful play, nevertheless it made tackling – legally – harder than it ought to be. EA has brought steps to fix this matter, playing with accomplishing this is now too far. Often it feels as though a chore just wanting to maintain the ball at the feet at all.

Players are glued to the pitch at the most annoying times
Possibly FIFA 15′s most annoying glitch, the matter of players remaining static at the most inopportune of that time period can seriously impact the scoreline and also put your precious joypads vulnerable whenever you hurl them resistant to the wall up a rage. The situation has a tendency to happen when your opponent passes the ball and you seek to switch control on the appropriate defender for your shortest of moments, your player stays rooted towards the spot, struggling to react. It doesn’t happen at all times, in case it does, it’s enough to leave you exposed and a goal down.

Players often trip over one another
EA introduced an enhanced physics engine to the  Buy Fifa Coins series several entries ago, and FIFA 15 refines it even more. It’s genuinely amazing to view players twist and turn realistically, leaning into runs and usually looking the same as the real thing, however these real-world physics can verify bothersome at other points. Due to some often questionable AI, players often stumble into 1 another considering the spacial knowing of several grouped toddlers who have only just mastered walking on two feet.


Published:October 31, 2014

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