Madden 18 ‘Longshot’ walkthrough and guide

The goal of Longshot, Madden 18’s first “story mode, ” is to get Devin Wade drafted. It also easy for Colt Cruise, Devin’s companion, to be drafted, if Devin makes choices that focus on Colt’s talent during on-field scenarios.

The user plays Devin through a series of dialogue selections and football drills supposed to improve his grade for that NFL draft. This guide may identify and explain each of the choices Devin may make and exactly how they affect his trying to find report.

The options to change or keep the have fun with Colt suggests has no effects on the outcome.
In the quick-timer have fun with sequence, press Square/X to help fake the pass, in that case X/A to throw the item.

This brings up a minigame in which the user steers often the ball in flight. Steer often the ball right, away from often the outstretched arms of Devin’s dad, into Colt’s hands and fingers. This is an easy throw.


Devin will take a graphic of Colt as he / she takes a leak by the edge of the highway. He can often “Prank Colt” or “Show Mercy. ”

Pranking Colt will post the picture to help social media and result in a very poor character comment for Devin.

Showing mercy will give Devin a good character comment to get showing good judgment.

Backside on the road to Indianapolis, Devin could have the option of singing along with Colt (to Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”) or refusing. Nor affect his scouting review.


Colt will want to take a photo for his social media ahead of the Regional Combine banner on the hotel. Devin can agree with the fact or disagree to get involved.

Agreeing will get Devin an undesirable character comment for wasting too much time on social media, noticing that this habit made the dog late for the Combine. Devin will have the choice of charming or perhaps pleading with the desk clerk to get in; either selection will be successful.

Disagreeing may lead to no positive or bad outcome.


When Colt speaks for you to Devin during the director’s arrival, Devin has the option of pushing or hushing Colt.

Pushing Colt results in a muted fist bump and no weak remarks.
Hushing Colt are certain to get Devin reprimanded by the representative and a poor remark from the character column. (“Issues using following instructions at the Territorial Combine. ”)


Devin’s moves during the first punch will be Left, Back and Upon the left stick.

After that press L2/Left Trigger to deliver the passing sequence.

Utilizing the left stick, move the actual reticle that appears through Devin’s feet down area to the target, and push square/X to make the throw.

Devin will have a short amount of time, symbolized by a circle winding upon the passing icon, to accomplish this throw.

Completing this particular throw will give Devin an optimistic draft grade for wallet movement and throwing precision.


The first passing path is L2/Left Bumper, after that Triangle/Y
The second passing path is L2/Left Bumper, after that Square/X
The third passing path is L2/Left Bumper, after that X/A
Note: The third move is a deep throw. There may be almost no time to complete the idea after the icon pops up. Almost all players miss this put if they don’t know what press button to press in advance. Expect you’ll hit X/A the instant you obtain the reticle onto the marked.

Each throw will result in a confident or negative draft class depending on its success. The storyline will continue.


After the passing tree punch, Colt will complain in regards to the passes he’s getting and enquire Devin to swap spots in his line so they can throw to Colt.

Neglecting will result in no bad memor on Devin’s scouting record.
Helping Colt will result in typically the negative note “Seemed to remain having problems being disruptive with the Combine, ” on Devin’s scouting report.
Helping Colt will bring up a completing situation where Devin may throw short to Colt or throw him a good ball. The icon to the short pass is a sq.

Devin is going to get a weak character comment for pouncing the line if he tidies up either throw, so if this became your choice, take the short way as the long route are going to be just as hard as the serious ball from the passing woods.

The resulting conversation options along with Colt have no effect on Devin’s scouting report.


Press Square/X whenever directed. This brings up an additional steer-the-ball sequence. Do nothing since the ball flies through the air flow. Wait for No . 15 to create his turn right. Once you can easily see his face, begin guiding the ball right into their outstretched hands.

If you fall short this throw, you must do it again until successful for the tale to continue. If you complete this on the first try, you recruit a positive draft grade, in addition an extra comment that states “Elite arm strength. Could make any throw. ”


The actual encounter with Mario Gonzalez, a high school rival who all provokes Devin, will not have an impact on Devin’s scouting report, consequently choose whatever dialogue thinks best. Devin and Colt will be introduced to Ross Feature and Julia Vasco. Anything his dialogue choices along with them, he will return with Colt to Texas with the substitute for join Longshot still plausible.


This activity takes place in Devin’s recent and will not affect his / her scouting report.

The user manages Devin at quarterback. Often the downs aren’t timed, and no play clock. Devin cannot call plays, could not audible to another play in addition to cannot make hot course assignments to his receivers. (This is the case in the course of Longshot. )

If the have fun with called is an option function, X/A hands the basketball off when the ball provider crosses Devin; otherwise Devin keeps the ball as well as the user runs with the dog.

Note: If the user will be facing a third or next down and long yardage, look for Colt on a ability or seam route. The particular CPU appears to leave the dog open. It is also impossible to be able to throw an interception during these games. Defenders will merely drop the ball.

The ultimate pass play in this online game is a quick-timer event. The proper inputs are:

X/A additionally left stick left to help dodge the defender.
L1/Left trigger and then Triangle/Y to help throw the pass.
The debate choices from here to the stop of Act One, if Devin says goodbye to help his father’s memory within the trophy case, do not impact the story or Devin’s trying to find report.


The conversation with Colt in the truck will not have an effect on Devin’s draft grade.


Mathis versus Serita begins with a quick-timer sequence. The correct inputs are usually:

X to snap the particular ball.
Left stick to the kept to dodge.
Left keep to the left plus Circle/B to be able to spin.
X to firm arm.
Play the rest of the online game normally as you did the 1st flashback game. The climactic sequence will be another steer-the-ball-play.

Square/X initiates the cross.
Steer the ball just simply left of the defender’s face, then move it in to the right to Colt.
Alternatively, it is very possible to hit the guardar on his back shoulder mattress pad, and Colt will get the deflection.

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