MMO4PAL Is One Of The Finest FIFA 18 In-Game Service

MMO4PAL is one of the finest FIFA 18 In-game service, enjoy our good program here!. The Journey is a new story-based game mode that sees you play seeing that young footballing hopeful Alex Rogue, the grandson of a famous player within the 1960s.



EA have (for more info about Fifa Coins For Sale click mmo4pal) as you’d expect, been saying little as to what season two of The Journey will entail whilst leaving a trail of clues behind them, most notably in a teaser trailer released to build excitement around FIFA 18. Here’s what we’ve made out thus far…
A world-record transfer?

The teaser trailer is centred around whether Hunter will join a whole new club ahead of season two, with one newspaper cutting suggesting a “world-record move” is around the cards. The clip sees numerous well-known players and people, including Pep Guardiola, Kevin De Bruyne and also Dele Alli, offer their thoughts within the young prodigy’s future.

How exactly the changeover from FIFA Coins to FIFA 18 work remains to be witnessed; it would be pretty cool should the new game can port all your existing data across and pick up where you left away, but that is yet for being confirmed.
Foreign leagues to be playable?

In season one with the Journey you could only play in the Premier League, but that looks set to change for video games season two. The teaser trailer features newspaper headlines in Gazzetta dello Sports activity and rumour-mongering on German television, and a mock screenshot of a trending topic on Twitting suggests Hunter “may depart the Premier League”.

We know for sure that Real Madrid are playable, because a glimpse of just one particular scene in the particular trailer features Hunter inside a Real Madrid kit using a television in the background.


Published:July 14, 2017

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