New quest in Old-school RuneScape

Old School RuneScape extra the new quest, Dragon Slayer II, to the game to the weekend.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed RuneScape has heard of typically the Dragon Slayer quest. This kind of quest has cost many of us body, sweat and tears to perform. Players had to travel to typically the distant island of crandor and take it up against typically the mighty dragon Elvarg. Being a reward for completing this kind of quest, players gained expertise and the power to buy a Rune Platebody. Now, sixteen decades later, a sequel to this particular quest has been added, that is Dragon Slayer II.

Kavalerist Slayer II

During the search you will learn more about the after lively and prosperous tropical island of Crandor. This may be recognizable to you, because here you could have previously recorded it versus Elvarg. Dragon Slayer 2 offers players the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the secrets of the tropical island and to win a place from the Champions’ Guild. For the search you will go on an voyage through both old along with new areas. During your getaway you will learn the background of the Dragons and you will learn more about an old idol. You can expect several challenging questions. You will also travel through never-before-discovered dungeons and take on the most risky enemies ever.

Requirements to get started on the quest

Only considerably advanced players can start Kavalerist Slayer II. The search has a good number of requirements. For anyone who is far enough advanced amongst gamers you can start the quest to go to to Alec Kincade. You will discover him outside the Myths’ Guild in the south of the Feldip Hills. Below you can find exactly what is required to start the search.


200 Quest Details
Legends’ Quest
Dream Instructor
A Tail of A pair of Cats
Animal Magnetism
A short while ago Ahoy
Bone Voyage
Buyer or Courting

07 Rs Gold


80 Magic
70 Smithing
sixty-eight Mining
62 Crafting
58 Agility
60 Thieving
60 Construction
50 Hitpoints
Crucial that you know

During the quest anyone encounter many challenges 2 many are combat related. In every single combat related task what your location is instanced there will be an item owner present. This system is equivalent to the other grave systems for example the Grotesque guardians or Zulrah. This means that you can only employ one at a time. All other graves can disappear when you die which means you will lose all these goods when you die.

The advantages

If you complete the search you will of course receive some very nice rewards. That way you get usage of the Myths’ Guild and see how to make Super antifire creams. Below you can see exactly which often rewards are available for you:

You may talk to cats without Catspeak Amulet

The possibility to hire Rune Dragons as Treasure Place guardian (this requires 99 construction and 25, 000, 000 coins)
Access to Ungael where you can compete against some sort of stronger version of Vorkath
4x 25000 experience throughout Magic, Ranged, Strength, Episode, Defense or Hitpoints (you get this by speaking to Ellen in the Myths’ Guild)
your five Quest Points
25000 Smithing experience
18000 Mining expertise
15000 Agility experience
15000 Thieving experience
Access to typically the Myths’ Guild
Possibility to generate Super antifire potions

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Published:January 9, 2018


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