The victorious one of the $20, 000 Old-school RuneScape Deadman Autumn Invitational has been disqualified.

5PLUS50K12, who have finished first on the end of the week at RuneFest 2017 with Battersea Evolution in London, ended up being mired in controversy, while outlined in the original write-up linked above.

A soon after investigation by developers Jagex found that the winner develop a bot farm – and this also has resulted in their disqualification.

Jagex said in a affirmation sent to Esports News GREAT BRITAIN: “Every Deadman tournament supplies us with the opportunity to debut the formula; Saturday’s arrival of the four islands possessed initially received a very beneficial reaction, and we look forward to generating further refinements in the future. Jooxie is also determined to ensure most Deadman Invitational players are offered with the best educational resources probable to help mitigate against DDoS attacks. ”


“Following each of our standard investigation into the champion of the tournament, we found they were responsible for the development of a bot farm. Consequently, the winner has been disqualified and all accounts linked to the botting activity have been banned.

“We are currently discussing what happens to the prize money, such as rolling it over to the Deadman Winter Invitational, sharing this among the finalists, making a additional charitable donation, or a mixture of all three. ”

Jagex additional: “We’re proud of what the Deadman Invitationals have done to raise understanding of Old School RuneScape. It’s introduced new and lapsed gamers to the game, achieved amazing viewing figures during the last hour of the tournament, as well as showed that long-form competing gaming can be a success.

“We’re looking forward to continuing that achievement in the future, and we wish almost all Deadman Winter Invitational rivals the very best of luck. inch

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Published:October 18, 2017


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