Runescape:Buffs and Deadman

This week most of us cover some of the buffs built into our most recent QoL survey with improvements made to often the Ardougne Diary cape, Leaf of tea Bladed Battleaxe and the Explain. We also make some alterations to the Revenant Caves in addition to Mage Arena II, and announce the Mythical Pelisse design submissions.

Looting Tote

You can now use the “Settings” selection on the Looting bag. That controls what happens when you ‘Use’ stacks of items on the tote. By default, the bag questions how many you want to store, you could now choose to skip this menu, and always store possibly possible of the selected merchandise.


Ardougne Diary Cape

Often the Ardougne Medium Diary Pelisse has had its Farming Fix teleport limit increased to three, and the Ardougne Hard Work schedule Cape has had its Grinding Patch teleport limit greater to 5.

Leaf Bladed Battleaxe

The Leaf-bladed Battleaxe really should prove more useful. It will probably now deal 17. five per cent more damage against equally Kurasks and Turoths, and has now had its slash exactness increased from 50 to help 72.


The Explain is a little more effective and will currently hold up to 1, 000 rates. The daily buy-limit is increased to 100 to higher reflect the stock degrees, as mentioned in the previous poll site.

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Published:December 1, 2017


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