Runescape Pure Resets

Congratulations! An individual guys successfully released any gamebreaking update (yet again) without thinking of the repercussions this specific obviously has against the people that owned pures before this specific update was released. You fellas pretty much didn’t even approve any of the points that every real was worried about (Congratulations about that one too). Kind of helps make me feel like it was a worthy of of time even writing upwards that thread to make a number of logical suggestions.


So anyway, you guys messed up very badly even in the terminology in the Patch Notes to stated, “If you’ve inadvertently gained unwanted levels inside the above stats, these alternatives allow you to undo that and have your account back when you want it”. So what performs this mean. I see the term inadvertently being used there, that would ensure it is logical to allow pure resets if the defence level of the type being reset was in between 1-50. There’s 0 (zero) reason to cater to those who have a defence level more than that at all. You don’t acquire 99 defence on “accident”. It’s not like you kill a single cow and go coming from 1 defence to 99. There’s no accident involved in acquiring a defence level over 55 whatsoever.

So anyways, RuneScape is actually too late to ask for you fellas to implement that correct since the resets are already in live. But something you’ll be able to which won’t affect the game play of anyone wanting to recast their defence level (at all) and will greatly profit and make people who were naturels before this update as if you guys a lot more would be to offer all rs accounts that will had a defence amount of 1 before this upgrade a title signifying they had 1 defence ahead of the release of this update. Now i am not asking for anything extravagant by any means, it dosen’t have even to have a special color as well as sound cool. Just a subject that is only obtainable simply by accounts that had a single defence before this upgrade.

What this effectively will is gives something that differentiates people who have been pures for whole account and people who educated their account normally and also defence and have now made a decision to switch. This should be a actually really really easy update, should you be worried about the script offering the title to too many sedentary level 3 fresh addresses, just make it where to get it you have to be 1 defence but they have 50+ in any combat stat or something along these lines.

Anyways, I’m incredibly disappointed in Jagex that update went through in the make a difference it did and minus the restrictions that it should have got, but by adding a aesthetic title to 1 defence addresses who were 1 defence just before this update, we can end up being rewarded in a cosmetic nongame changing or game splitting way for our efforts and also struggles in leveling and also maintaining a 1 defence consideration throughout EoC thus far.

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Published:December 13, 2017


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