In years past, the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar has already established several major milestones all year round and one of the biggest is the release of EA’s Crew of the Year. The first extremely upgraded player items have got dropped around the beginning of the Beginning of the year coinciding with the announcement in the FIFPro World XI.

Still FIFA is now throwing an important wrench into our standard way of FUT life. As opposed to holding their awards tren called “The Best FIFA Football Awards” in The month of january, they’ve moved the event way up all the way to October, just 2 months into the European seasons. This specific obviously creates quite the particular conundrum for EA.

The particular awards ceremony takes place in the future, October 23. Would EXPERT ADVISOR want to introduce a high account release such as Team in the Year so early in this particular game’s cycle? What would certainly that even do to the particular FUT market? What could be the alternatives if they decided not to execute a usual TOTY release?

Bob Bratko: Does TOTY in fact come out in the next few days or perhaps later? Allegedly on March 23rd? Do you have any further details? A lot of theories but no person seems to know

Oliver Ruh: Did it always drop thus early? Doesn’t it fall in December or January?

EXPERT ADVISOR SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Crew (deutsch): Hi Simon, that may be right, TOTY will come in Oct 23rd! Have fun with FIFA 18! Kind regards, Niko

Bob Bratko: So we can take the first TOTY players coming from packs on Oct twenty third? Did I get that will right? And is that fully confirmed?

EA SPORTS TIMORE Ultimate Team (deutsch): Hi there Oliver, that is the pre discharge. The final release will be in October 27th.

The webpage was quick to backtrack though, with the person that got posted them saying these were merely “personal guesses” rather than anything official:

You need to take perceived “leaks” such as with massive grains regarding salt. While more trustworthy than the contractors who person EA’s support channels, its not all individual with access to top quality social media accounts like these even would be in position to get or perhaps receive privileged, embargoed (e. g. unreleased) information similar to this. If anything, that brings credence to the explanation it absolutely was just a “personal guess” by using a inappropriate avenue.

Also, so that it’s worth, we’d read whispers several weeks back suggesting we shouldn’t expect TOTY in October around the time period of FIFA’s “The Best” Awards. But you’re effectively familiar with the hashtag now: #ExpectTheUnexpected.

So , what are EA’s options here?


One solution is to turn it into a special month-long (or longer) event exactly where Squad Building Challenges are generally released periodically with the 14 FIFA “World XI” people as the prizes. If this were being the case, they may not necessarily need to be the high end-game variety items they’ve been in the past, way too. More Player of the Thirty day period or TOTS type raises could be in order — at a steep cost, certainly. These could even live in league with an EA decided TOTY with the more traditional OP raises to be released in January down to usual.

Even sans TOTY type ratings though, undertaking them all at once would probably nevertheless be overkill. Perhaps releasing all these by position would be far more realistic. Again though, anyone run into the problem of the sport being so early within the cycle and users devoid of the coin base for you to compete for the high-end people. The fairness of people being inserted into bags is the randomness that an individual with few coins could pack them.

Another option requires you to create a new type of piece similar to Ones to Watch goods where the cards start off at the normal rating and enhance through the year via true to life performances, accomplishments, or particular items nods. It may be a stretch to add another active item type, but it would likely hypothetically solve the problem involving inserting over-powered cards in the market at such an beginning stage of the game.


By far the most likely solution — and exactly we would bet to happen — would be for EA to complete absolutely nothing different and just hold back until their normal TOTY timetable to release the special black-and-blue player items. It would steer clear of any major shakeups from the FUT economy and keep typically the calendar on an even keel.

Think about it. If there’s nothing soon after FUTmas ends in December, you will have a large gap between special attractions. TOTY is a vital portion of the FUT calendar that keeps the adventure fresh and exciting in the dull part of the year.

As an alternative to relying on the FIFPro Entire world XI, create your own TOTY. Perhaps even involve the community along with use polls to help decide your best XI. I’m sure TIMORE won’t be heartbroken if you change it out up a bit to keep the soundness of your best game function intact.


Regardless of what takes place, there’s no doubt that this year’s FUT calendar will look slightly different thanks to the FIFA awards changing. It’s pretty the dilemma for EXPERT ADVISOR to deal with and it could have huge consequences for the community according to what they decide. What do you wish to see happen? Let us know inside the comments below.

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Published:October 20, 2017


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